I bought an old farmhouse built in the 1930's in 2020. It needs a LOT of work. Here's a vlog from when I moved in, little did I know what I was going to find. What I thought was going to be a little bit of elbow grease to do paint, trim, and such has turned into a complete renovation project.

My intent when I moved in had been to vlog the whole process, but I quickly got overwhelmed with all the work that needed to be done in short order. Finally getting to a spot where I can slow down and take some more time to document things as I work through gutting the entire second story, finish out the basement, continue correcting electrical sins, and whole host of other things.

Don't get me wrong, I love the place, overall enjoy having such a large project, and even more so love the location out in the middle of nowhere. If you're into home improvement stuff, stay tuned as I'll be cranking the stories up to 11 soon.