Project archives for everything aged, abandoned, and otherwise gone.

Washington State Gun Control

Washington State Gun Control was an outreach and education project intent on providing data related to the topic of Gun Control and legislation. This was attempt to reach anti-gunners and those sitting on the fence regarding the topic of gun control as a way to provide information regarding the importance of the second ammendment and the falacies of gun control.

This project has since been absorbed into Washington Civil Rights Association.

Harold's Tech Talk

A short-lived YouTube channel from 2017.

Falcone Rockerfeller

Angsty solo tracks written from high-school into my early 20's. The music is ok, but the lyrics leave plenty to be desired.

PxJM - Police vs. the Japanese Mafia

PxJM was a hardcore band from the mid 00's.

Drop Dead Gorgeous

A 4 piece band that existed before Drop Dead, Gorgeous existed. We re-formed as PxJM.

Burnt by Compassion

The band before Drop Dead Gorgeous


Auntie Louise Productions

Video projects that my friends and I did for fun or for school projects

Burning Abbey

High School band that did mostly covers. We had a couple of originals though. It went through a number of different names before we landed on this one. Sprocket Rocket Underpants, Head on Collision, and others.

B&M Films

Video projects that my friend and I did for fun in our youth.